RT @WhiteHouse: Since President Trump took office, worker pay rates have hit their highest level since 2008. Read more from Jeff Cox in CNBC: https://t.co/honXsauGz2

RT @WhiteHouse: President Trump’s new National Council for the American Worker will develop a workforce strategy that gives citizens the training they need to thrive in the modern economy. https://t.co/MRicUOE81V

RT @WhiteHouse: More skills, better hires: Workforce development benefits American businesses AND American workers. https://t.co/O9coKYWYHx https://t.co/xtbTRSFLyG

RT @WhiteHouse: .@realdonaldtrump: “Whether you are a high school student or a late career worker, there has never been a better time to learn a trade, hone a skill, or pursue your dreams” https://t.co/CxWvnf2QVo

RT @WhiteHouse: .@IvankaTrump joined @realDonaldTrump in Florida to talk about the Trump Administration’s commitment to workforce development and the Pledge to America’s Workers. https://t.co/vkAUOfbyVZ